Constructed Epic: Bouncing Chip

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This deck was designed around the idea of 0-Cost blitzers attacking, getting bounced by Time Walker, and attacking again.

First Shot Deck List

Bouncing Chip

Evil (30)

Slow (11)
1x Angel of Death
3x Dark Assassin
3x Murderous Necromancer
3x Necromancer Lord
1x Soul Hunter

Fast (9)
3x Bitten
1x Final Task
3x Inner Demon
1x Plague
1x Zombie Apocalypse

0-Cost (10)
2x Corpse Taker
3x Dark Knight
3x Guilt Demon
2x Thrasher Demon

Sage (27)

Slow (7)
1x Frost Giant
3x Juggernaut
3x Time Walker

Fast (11)
3x Ancient Chant
1x Deadly Raid
3x Erase
2x Ice Drake
2x Turn

0-Cost (9)
3x Keeper of Secrets
3x Ogre Mercenary
3x Warrior Golem

Wild (3)

Fast (2)
2x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (1)
1x Lash

First Shot Explanation

This deck hopes to do a significant portion of its damage through 0-cost blitz champions. Dark Knight, Guilt Demon, Thrasher Demon, Warrior Golem, Keeper of Secrets, and Ogre Mercenary are the stars. Ideally, I would be able to attack with a couple or a few, then bounce them  back to hand with Time Walker, then replay them and attack again. Ogre Mercenary -> Time Walker -> Ogre Mercenary is pretty solid card draw as well.

With that in mind, I will probably use a decent amount of my removal on my turn, to disrupt ambush champions etc. For this reason, Inner Demon, Bitten, and to a much greater extent, Turn have been included. All of these are fast so they can answer an ambushed blocker before the block can be declared. In addition, Turn would still permanently take control of the champion, or I could swing (attack) for the win with it. (Swinging for the win is much riskier, especially since this deck doesn’t have good 0-cost token disruption. This is a big judgement call that relies on you reading your opponent. Knowing/figuring out if they have an answer in their deck and guessing if they have it in hand are key.) Banishment is another excellent card for this role. It is not currently included since it is off-faction, and this deck focuses heavily on Evil and Sage 0-cost cards.

The only other thing special about this deck is the use of Ancient Chants. I use these in conjunction with a lot of recycle triggers to turn them into draw 3 cards. It is possible I have too many recycle triggers though.

I am currently worried about my minimal token/low defense sweepers (board clears that affect certain champions, in this case low defense champions). I do have Surprise Attack/Final Task Time Walker which is excellent. In addition, I might add more Zombie Apocalypses. My deck only has 21 events, but I do also rely a lot on recycle; so I am torn.

3/11/16 Playtest Notes

I haven’t had a chance to personally play this deck yet, but I lost to it a few times. It definitely seems strong enough to warrant further testing.

4/11/16 Deprecation Note

I reworked this deck to such an extent after Tyrants was released that I made a new post here.

2 thoughts on “Constructed Epic: Bouncing Chip”

    1. 0-cost cards are a major defining part of Epic decks, especially for this one. For instance, I have 30 Evil cards primarily because I want the 10 0-cost Evil cards. The rest of the Evil cards are very powerful, but they don’t define the deck.

      When I build decks, I generally have an idea where I want to go, and a bunch of cards I want to use. After I go through all the must include cards, I generally shift my focus to which remaining 0-cost cards I want. That decision then shifts back to what 1-cost cards can I include to support my 0-cost choices.

      This is a back and forth process I find interesting. A common question is what cards can I force out to include my 3 copies of Muse, a 9 card commitment.

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