Constructed Epic: Recursion Abuse

Epic Box


This deck was built to abuse Resurrection and Final Task.

First Shot Deck List

Recursion Abuse 1

Evil (9)

Slow (3)
3x The Gudgeon

Fast (3)
3x Final Task

0-Cost (3)
3x Heinous Feast

Good (21)

Slow ()

Fast (14)
3x Divine Judgement
1x Inheritance of the Meek
3x Quell
3x Resurrection
3x Royal Escort
1x Vital Mission

0-Cost (7)
1x Blind Faith
3x Brave Squire
3x Priest of Kalnor

Sage (21)

Slow (5)
3x Knight of Shadows
2x Winter Fairy

Fast (9)
3x Psionic Assault
3x Thought Plucker
3x Wave of Transformation

0-Cost (7)
3x Forcemage Apprentice
1x Shadow Imp
3x Vanishing

Wild (9)

Slow (2)
2x Kong

Fast (4)
2x Mighty Blow
2x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (3)
3x Feeding Frenzy

First Shot Explanation

Resurrection and Final Task are able to bring back all of my powerful champions. Brave Squire and Priest of Kalnor can give a champion I return with Final Task unbreakable. This prevents that champion from breaking at the end of the turn.

This can be disrupted by fast discard removal. Since a player maintains the initiative until they pass it, they can break one of my champions and then play Guilt Demon or Amnesia. Final Task and Resurrection can’t return a banished champion.

To best make use of this effect, I included incredibly powerful tribute champions. Kong is big and deals big damage. The rest (The Gudgeon, Winter Fairy, Thought Plucker, and Knight of Shadows) all either draw multiple cards or force my opponent to discard cards. One of the strongest plays in this deck is to ambush Thought Plucker in on your opponent’s turn after they spent their gold. Then, if they break it on your turn, you can Final Task it and Priest of Kalnor/Brave Squire it and attack. Assuming it does damage, the Thought Plucker has drawn you 3 cards and forced your opponent to discard 3. It also doesn’t break to Final Task because it is unbreakable.

Due to the incredible card draw in this deck, I included Feeding Frenzies (triggered by Forcemage Apprentices) and Vanishings to facilitate powerful tempo plays.

Royal Escort is interesting in that it helps protect my smaller defense champions, but it does also disrupt my own plans. While Royal Escort is in play, I can’t target my champions either. So, if I Final Task a minion, I can’t target it to give it unbreakable. I do really like the idea of Royal Escort and The Gudgeon though. You can’t target me while The Gudgeon is in play, and you can’t target my The Gudgeon while my Royal Escort is in play.

Since I have such strong discard, I included the Psionic Assault to up the ante. Heinous Feasts help me control my opponent’s discard. All of my board clears are banishment based because I want to shut down my opponent’s available resources as much as possible.

Mighty Blows are primarily included as finishers since they work excellently with unblockable champions like Thought Plucker.

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