Constructed Saturday

Dark Draft Saturday (5/13/17)

My favored Epic Constructed playstyle varies significantly from most other people I have played against. Usually, my constructed decks are hyper-distilled versions of my Get Ahead, Stay Ahead limited playstyle. I also favor tribute/loyalty -> draw a card champions higher than most. The best example of this is my Core Epic Humans deck based off of my Combative Humans deck.

On Saturday 5/13/17 I plan on streaming 6 hours of constructed from 11am CST to 5pm CST primarily highlighting my Core Epic Humans deck. Just like last time, I will be taking challenges from my Twitch Chat. Those that challenge me are welcome to “stream snipe” by remaining in chat and playing with the stream video and audio on while I explain my plays and give advice. Whether or not a challenger chooses to “stream snipe,” I’ll provide feedback at the end of each game.

It is also possible I might break out some of my other Core-Only decks or try out some chat submitted decks.

The stream (Saturday, 5/13/17 from 11am CST to 5pm CST) can be watched live at:

At minimum, the raw footage will be uploaded to YouTube.

World Champion Showmatch Reminder

As I reminder, I will be taking on World Champion John Tatian in a best of 7 showmatch on 5/20/17 at 2pm CST. For full details click here.

For links to all of my Epic content click here.

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