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I am currently working on updating my ratings for cards from my original rating here. Instead of releasing 1 faction a week like before, I am combining it all into one big organized article. In addition, I will be discussing my opinions on general deck composition for Dark Draft as well as specific strategies to watch out for/counter-draft. This will take quite awhile.

While I work on this article, I plan on putting out 1 other shorter article per week: an analysis of my World’s Qualifying Limited deck, Card Game Tournament Etiquette, Combative Humans updated list, analysis of the Constructed decks from Gen Con (at least Tom Dixon’s deck [can by found on the Facebook Epic Card Game Fan Page] until the others are posted), etc.

If there is anything specific anyone would like me to talk about/write an article on, let me know in the comments below. (I haven’t forgotten about my combat articles, but Origins and Gen Con have delayed them for now.)

4 thoughts on “Dark Draft Article Coming Soon”

  1. I don´t know how your draft analises of the cards will be done exactly, but I would like it to be meal sized articles, so I can follow using RSS of your blog. By that I mean smaller, but more frequent articles, then you post then together in your big organized article.

    Also, at the beginning of the big article, you can put the “Last updated: 12/08/2016”. Right now I don´t know if I should look at your link there, cos I don´t know if they are your current thoughts.

    I would also like a big article Card Analysis with your thoughts on cards for constructed. That would be different beast entirely.

    Anyway, I love your blog! Keep articles coming!

    1. The reason why I’m doing it as one big articles is because I am still working out exactly how I want to organize it, and I expect the ratings might change slightly as the article develops. There are also certain parts I want to extrapolate out from individual cards. (I’m estimating it at around 40+ hours to write as I am rewriting my evaluation of each card.)

      It is definitely possible that I write the whole article and release it bits at a time as I edit it though. (Probably with general strategies first and then break the card analysis up by either rating, faction, or some of each.)

      Overall, the old link’s value primarily comes from the descriptions of the cards, but my general theory on the game has evolved significantly since then. In general, I value niche cards (like Blitz champions) a lot higher than I did before.

      Glad you are enjoying the blog and thank you for the feedback. Constructed will indeed be a very different beast, but I do plan on tackling it in some way later.

    2. I second the idea of having several smaller articles rather than a big one which you don’t finish cause you don’t have time) Love the blog, keep posting amazing stuff!!

      1. It’s decided then. I’ll write a draft of the whole article, but release previews as I finish the first draft of each of the 5+ sections I have planned. Then, I’ll release each section individually when I finish editing that section.

        This way I can be held accountable if I slack off on keeping up with this article, I’ll release the content in multiple smaller articles, and I can figure out the organization and my general thoughts in the first draft.

        Glad you are enjoying the blog. As a short preview, each card will have both a “how frequently a card should be drafted” rating and a “how powerful a card is in it’s optimum and sub-optimum states” rating. (These ratings can differ significantly for cards like Rampaging Wurm)

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