Dark Draft Article Preview #1 (Top Picks)

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I am in the process of writing a large article explaining all of my thoughts on Dark Draft at the moment. Since I expect it will take a while to finish, I will be consistently putting out previews to keep me on track. Below I talk about my top 13 picks when dark drafting.


Almost entirely independent of what I am drafting I want in approximate order:

  • Amnesia, Heinous Feast
  • Lightning Storm
  • Sea Titan, Drain Essence, Kong
  • Wave of Transformation, Zombie Apocalypse, Muse
  • Flame Strike, Lighting Strike, Raxxa’s Curse, Wolf’s Bite
  • Chomp!

(Not including Chomp!, that comes out to 4 Sage, 4 Evil, 5 Wild, 0 Good)

2 thoughts on “Dark Draft Article Preview #1 (Top Picks)”

  1. Been “playing” Epic vicariously through reading your blog posts. Surprised to see Amnesia and Heinous Feast _that_ high.

    I guess discard pile banishing is just that good in draft.

    Thanks for the preview, looking forward to your article. Keep up the great posts.

    1. Thank you, it always feels great knowing people enjoy reading my blog.

      I’ll definitely be going into more detail in the article, but having access to at least one of Amnesia/Heinous Feast (or denying your opponent access to either) changes the entire dynamic of the match.

      If I have one/both and you have neither, I will eventually win as long as I don’t lose. For that reason, I can focus exclusively on the most optimal defensive play and force you into the offensive. (I generally prefer to be on the offensive, but I have certainly won my share of draw-out victories).

      In addition, if you don’t draft enough threatening champions and you don’t get an Amnesia/Heinous Feast, it might be essentially impossible to push through enough damage in time. I have 2 Dark Draft examples of not drafting enough threatening champions. One against a deck that first picked both Amnesia and Heinous Feast. The second against a deck that drafted a lot of burn (quite a bit that I passed to him).

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