Epic Digital Final 24 Hours

Only 24ish hours remain to back the digital version of Epic Card Game on Kickstarter. I absolutely love this game, and it is my favorite TCG/CCG-like game (beating out Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Solforge, Duelyst, Shadowverse, Highlander, Yugioh, Pokemon, etc.). Plus, there is no collecting cards/random packs. When you buy a set, you get all of the cards in that set (in digital, you get unlimited copies of each card).

For an explanation about why I love this game, check out my review of it here. If intrigued, and you’ve never played Epic before, I explain some important Epic aspects here. If you’ve played it before and think it is too swingy or random (I personally disagree adamantly), check out my strategy article explaining next level concepts here. Finally, if you just want to consume as much Epic content as possible, I link to most of my articles here.

One thought on “Epic Digital Final 24 Hours”

  1. Thanks for your hard work in promoting and providing great content for the game! Really looking forward to finally being able to play regularly.

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