Epic Puzzle: Loyalty X (Week 2)

The first week of the Epic Loyalty X puzzle has concluded with Greylag as the winner with all 11 VP! Greylag will get first choice of the Epic Deck Box or any promo card.

Week 1 Results

1) Greylag-59, Nathan Overvay-59, Thomas Dixon-58, Benjamin Hebert-58 [all Velden]

2) 56 Greylag [Scarros], Thomas Dixon-55 [Zannos], Nathan Overbay-55 [Scarros]

3) 56 Greylag [Zannos], Nathan Overbay-23 [Zannos], Thomas Dixon-17 [Scarros]

4) 53 Greylag, Nathan Overbay-16, Thomas Dixon-14 [all Kark]

5) 224 Greylag, Nathan Overbay-153, Thomas Dixon-144, Benjamin Hebert-58

Scores and Links to Solutions

Greylag: 11 VP
Nathan Overbay: 0 VP, 11 RP
Thomas Dixon: 0 VP, 8 RP
Benjamin Hebert: 0 VP, 2 RP

Nathan Overbay, Thomas Dixon, and Benjamin Hebert are currently all receiving at least a promo, unless they are overtaken in week 2.

Week 2 Puzzle Extension

In order to encourage more participation to claim the remaining 6 promo cards, I am adding an additional, related challenge.

How many cards can you reveal for each Loyalty X champion in a single turn (with restrictions)?
a) Zannos, Corpse Lord
b) Chamberlain Kark
c) Velden, Frost Titan
d) Scarros, Hound of Draka

  • Each solution takes place over a single turn (just your turn, not including an opponent’s turn)
    • Start with a 5 card hand
    • Start with at most 9 cards in your discard pile
    • Start with no champions in play
    • Start with a legal deck containing no more than 3 copies of any card
  • Each physical card may only be played or put into play once (no infinite looping of Frantic Digging, Teleport, etc.). In other words, you may only play a card/put a card into play a maximum of 3 times, once using each physical copy of it in your deck
  • Every card is legal
  • Each card can only be used in one of the 4 solutions (1 Ancient Chant in Kark? You can’t run any in the other 3 solutions. 3 Inspiration in Zannos? You can’t run any in the other 3 solutions)
  • Your opponent can do nothing
    • They have no cards in hand
    • They have no cards in discard pile
    • Anytime they may do something, they choose not to
    • No cards appearing in any of your solutions may appear in their deck (probably won’t matter)
  • Both you and your opponent have infinite health
  • Week 2 solutions are entirely separate from week 1 solutions. For example, if you used Ancient Chant in week 1, you may use it again in week 2.

Week 2 Rewards

1 VP will be awarded for the winning solution for each champion. Unlike week 1, the highest Zannos solution will win a VP, the highest Kark solution will win a VP, the highest Velden solution will win a VP, and the highest Scarros solution will win a VP. RP will also be awarded for each Week 2 Puzzle Extension question.

VP can also be earned by improving Week 1 solutions.

When submitting an answer be sure to denote whether it is for week 1 or week 2.

On 2/11/17 at precisely 8pm GMT, submissions will be closed. (At my discretion, I may allow small, apparent typos/mistakes to be corrected, as long as the integrity of the solution is apparent.)

Solution Submission Form

The best way to submit a solution is to put your worked out answer(s) in a Google Doc. Then, send me a link to the google doc that I can either edit or comment on in the field below.

4 thoughts on “Epic Puzzle: Loyalty X (Week 2)”

  1. Congratulations Greylag, winner of both the Epic Deck Box and Epic Playmat!

    Final Scores:
    Greylag: 15 VP
    Nathan Overbay: 0 VP, 11 RP
    Thomas Dixon: 0 VP, 8 RP
    Benjamin Hebert: 0 VP, 2 RP

    Greylag’s Week 2 Solutions

    I will be reaching out to Nathan Overbay, Thomas Dixon, and Benjamin Hebert to see which card they would like in that order.

    Thank you for all who entered and followed along. I have plans for another puzzle with significantly different formatting down the road. So, if you missed out make sure to watch for the next one.

  2. Velden 16 is doable, btw. I have prepared a truly marvelous solution of this, which this comment box is too narrow to contain.

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