Epic Worlds Trip Booked!

I have finally booked my flight for Epic Worlds 2017 from Nov 18-Nov 20, getting in Thursday, 16th night. I’ve even begun testing decks, and I’ve discovered a new one that I love. We’ll see how it holds up when we find out what the formats and legal sets will be for Worlds though. Looking forward to seeing everyone who is going to be there. With only 2 more full weeks until the event, I might not get any more major posts up before then, since I’ll be practicing/testing, but I’ll have plenty to talk about when Worlds is over.

2 thoughts on “Epic Worlds Trip Booked!”

  1. Good luck at World’s, Tom!

    I love your draft spreadsheets and all of your Epic content. It’s the best on the WWW. I really look forward to hear about what you’ve been brewing!


    PS: Meet you in the Online championship (I hope 🙂 )

    1. Thank you, glad you are enjoying the content. In addition to writing about Worlds, I’m going to be updating my card reviews to encompass some constructed specific strategies, should be interesting for people who have been following for a while 🙂 . Good luck with the qualifiers for the digital tournament.

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