Gen Con 2016 Friday

I can’t seem to find where I put my camera (probably in my car since I didn’t have it at Gen Con today), so I didn’t get any pictures today. The constructed Epic was pretty interesting, the most interesting deck won. I’ll break down the decks sometime after Sunday.

To tide the Epic folks over, here is my newest decklist. It is crazy, but it performed well against another qualified player (I still need to fine tune it):

Evil (15)

Slow (3)
3x The Gudgeon

Fast (7)
1x Apocalypse
2x Army of the Apocalypse
1x Plague
3x Vampire Lord

0-Cost (5)
1x Hands from Below
2x Raxxa’s Curse
2x Wither

Good (12)

Slow (2)
2x Avenging Angel

Fast (6)
3x Angelic Protector
3x Banishment

0-Cost (4)
3x Blind Faith
1x Second Wind

Sage (24)

Slow (6)
3x Djinn of the Sands
3x Winter Fairy

Fast (10)
3x Crystal Golem
2x Helion, the Dominator
3x Memory Spirit
2x Temporal Enforcer

0-Cost (8)
2x Amnesia
1x Arcane Research
1x Hasty Retreat
2x Fumble
1x Shadow Imp
1x Vanishing

Wild (9)

Slow (0)

Fast (6)
3x Draka’s Fire
3x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (3)
3x Lightning Strike

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