Hearthstone Hat Hunter


A friend recently got me back into Hearthstone (a Digital Collectible Card Game), and he thought this deck was interesting enough to post.

ExplanationHat Hunter

The star of this deck is Explorer’s Hat. It works well with Zombie Chow and Steamwheedle Sniper to gain board position early. Cards like Wild Pyromancer, Violet Teacher, and Djinni of Zephyrs work well with multiple castings of the Hat. Overall, this deck does well when you draw a hat early since you can make favorable trades.


Gahz’rilla can one shot players if you have a Wild Pyromancer and 2 or 3 spells (Hats) to cast. Wild Pyromancer with Hats is also solid AoE damage. Arch-Thief Rafaam works quite nice with Djinni of Zephyrs to get 2 +10/+10 buffs.

Cut Cards

I have been refining this deck for a couple days, and the cards that did not make it are explained below:

Webspinner: The 1/1 stats weren’t doing enough for early game tempo, and the random beast deathrattle wasn’t reliable.
Other Secrets: Mainly the secrets just weren’t reliable enough. Snake Trap and Bear Trap stay in because they are above the curve (3/3 worth of stats for 2 crystals).
Glaivezooka: This was decent, and I could potentially experiment with it more.
Desert Camel: This was frequently not beneficial enough for me because of the strength of my opponent’s class-specific 1 crystal minions.
Ball of Spiders: Same reasoning as the individual Webspinner. The spell aspect wasn’t enough, especially after I cut summoning Stone.
Fjola Lightbane: Didn’t do enough when I didn’t have Hat.
Summoning Stone: Occasionally did great things, but I think replacing it with a second Violet teacher has been slightly better.
Emperor Thaurissan: It just didn’t feel strong enough since my draw is lacking and I need my big minions to win me the game.

Potential Cards

I do not own these cards, but they could work: Feign Death, Lock and Load, Dreadscale, and Eydis Darkbane.

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