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White Wizard Games has their newest game, Hero Realms, on Kickstarter until Wed, Jul 13 2016 8:00 PM CDT (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1172937197/hero-realms-a-deckbuilding-adventure-card-game). This is a 2+ player deckbuilding game based on the Star Realms engine. (Star Realms was their first wildly successful game.)

I have been enjoying Star Realms more the more I play it, and this looks like it is taking the engine in a different and interesting direction. For example, an increased pace, more bases/champions, cooperative gameplay with character decks that can level up over multiple sessions etc. I have not played Hero Realms, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m comfortable encouraging people to check it out. I am backing it.

By backing on Kickstarter at at least the No Frills tier, you would get the game before it is available for retail. If you back at at least the Gamer Tier, you would get the promo cards that have already been unlocked in the stretch goals. Higher tiers offer more expansions. It will be available for retail, after Kickstarter backers receive their copies.

WWG has stated that they are still supporting and creating content for Star Realms.

This game has nothing to do with Epic (except both have a fantasy theme and both use cards). Hero Realms is not a TCG/CCG/LCG-like game. WWG has stated that they are still supporting and creating content for Epic.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website. It allows people/companies to present an idea/project/game/item in various stages of completion to anyone with an internet connection and a credit card. If any of those people want to provide funding in return for the product and/or other rewards, they can. If that campaign reaches a funding goal set by the creator, everything should hopefully go forward. If the funding goal is not met, none of the backers pay anything.

All Hero Realms images are owned by White Wizard Games, Copyright 2016.

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