Origins 2017 Picture Recap

Origins 2017 was about a week ago. I ended up spending most of my time hanging out playing Epic. Below are most of the pictures I took.

(John Tatian receives his prize for winning our Bo7 showmatch)

(Limited 1st round opponent Brad Minnigh, also top 4 opponent, and 2nd round constructed opponent)

(Limited 2nd round opponent James Kandziolka)

(Limited 3rd round opponent Dusty Hostutler)

(Limited Winner Martin Dickie)

(Constructed Winner Derek Arnold)

(My 60-card limited pool, I took a few more pictures while building my deck which I am saving for my limited article. As a preview, would you mulligan this list and why? Let me know in the comments below.)

Currently, I plan on writing an article breaking down my random 60 deck and what I remember about my matches. I’ll also talk about my Dark Draft portion, which may or may not get its own article. In addition, I’ll talk about constructed in a separate article as well. (I also played the Hero Realms campaign demo which was so much fun I’ll probably write an article on it too.)

3 thoughts on “Origins 2017 Picture Recap”

  1. Can’t wait to read your analysis as well! Especially for our dark draft, which I thought were the best group of games I played all weekend.

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