Origins 6/16/16

Planning on heading out around 3am tomorrow, so I won’t have time to post this in the morning. Planning on wearing my Lindsey Stirling shirt and will look pretty much like this tomorrow.

I would be happy to meet any readers or potential readers so feel free to come on up. I might not be able to talk much if we are nearing the end of an Epic round I’m still finishing, but aside from that, happy to talk at length about Epic, other board game topics, or largely whatever.


There is a good chance that you will more likely see me from behind at a table, so I included that photo too.


Vicarious Origins

I would be thrilled if I could get pictures of a bunch of people (with their permission) and put them up on the blog after each day. Feel free to give me a line or two to associate with each picture.

With regard to the tournaments, I will post my decklist and try to get a picture and decklist from each opponent as well (after the match, with their permission).

For everyone that is going to compete in the tournaments, good luck, and I look forward to potentially playing against you. (Also I forgot Avenging Angel Control, so I have 5 decks I might play in constructed.)

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