Origins 6/17/16 After

Another excellent day at Origins. I only placed 10th in the constructed Epic tournament (3-2-0), but seeing what everyone brought was fascinating. I brought an untargetable Sage Tempo deck designed to counter/outpace blitzing, airborne Wild fliers + burn; I’ll be posting, analyzing, and updating it after Origins.

Other decks that were played were discard/burn, life gain/burn, at least one Human Token Swarm type deck, Dinosaurs, and control decks. Derek Arnold’s 4-color control deck was outstanding, and it further evolved my understanding of the game. I am going to analyze it in much greater detail after Origins, but it appears to be a difficult deck to play well, the games go long, and it ended with multiple draws in the swiss rounds. All of the top 8 decklists can be found at the Facebook page or on WWG’s Deck Foundry.

My note keeping failed me again, last name Randolph pictured below. I will hopefully update tomorrow.


Hayden Brass pictured below.


Ryan Aker pictured below.


Jared Wood pictured below.


Brad Minnigh pictured below


Kyle Coons pictured below.


Top 8 from left to right Gabe Costa-Gioni, Cory Henderson, Nathaniel Mansfield, Chris Weidinger, Hayden Brass, Auggie, Kyle Coons, and Derek Arnold. *Names Updated*


Derek Arnold winner of the Epic constructed tournament and Worlds Qualifier pictured below. He brought an excellent deck and played it excellently.


Tomorrow is the final Origins limited Epic tournament. Good luck to everyone participating.

Special shout-out to Cory Henderson for taking multiple pictures for me today and yesterday.


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