Transparency Update

As a matter of transparency, I have updated my “Subscribe to Blog Via Email” text to read: “At least 1 post per week (frequently 2 or 3): Primarily Epic Card Game strategy articles. Game reviews and other game-related posts are possible as well.” As opposed to “Approximately 3 posts per week: strategy articles (frequently Epic Card Game), game reviews, and other game-related posts.”

At this point, new content will primarily focus on Epic related topics (at least for now), and these articles generally tend to take longer to write. By going down to “at minimum 1 post per week,” I should be able to more easily and consistently produce high-quality articles without the need to count short announcements like these to artificially reach the 3 posts per week goal. (This also frees up a bit more time to stream and work on learning video editing. On that point, expect a big announcement in the next few days.)

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