Tyrants Evil Control


In preparation for Tyrants getting added to the app today, I created this generic Tyrants Evil control deck. I was planning on not explaining it too much, so I could work on my next article, but I should have known better.

Tyrants Evil Control

This is a control deck (leaning midrange) that tries to win with incidental damage from tokens. I have included extra health gain cards to “tech” against burn/aggro decks. This is because I dislike losing to those decks the most and heavy Evil decks have consistently had problems against those decks, in my experience. I also automatically “tech” against Muse/Thought Plucker to some extent.

Build-Around Cards

The fundamental cards I wanted to build around were Murderous Necromancer, Reaper, and Spawning Demon. Murderous Necromancer is a card you can play on your turn while your opponent’s gold is up, and they usually can’t do something significantly better in response. (Surprise Attack -> Sea Titan/Kong isn’t too back breaking, nor is Thought Plucker, and Rift Summoner is in Uprising.)

Reaper is repeatable removal on a 7+ defense body that your opponent can’t incidentally remove with Smash and Burn, Lightning Strike, etc. (although it can be removed by Draka Dragon Tyrant + Feeding Frenzy). Your opponent must spend a gold, such as Kong or Drain Essence. Reaper also benefits from a heavy Evil deck that can consistently play off-turn 1-cost cards either for their effect (Final Task, Drain Essence, Medusa, Demon Breach) or just as a draw 2 (Apocalypse, Plague, Raxxa’s Displeasure, Zombie Apocalypse).

Spawning Demon is the compliment to Reaper rewarding me for playing a large amount of off-turn 1-cost Evil cards. For a net loss of 0 cards and 1 health (Spawning Demon into a 1-cost Evil draw 2), I get 2 off-turn demons, I like it. (If Reaper is in play, break a champion and give its controller a demon too.)

Deck List

Cards in black are the “Foundation” cards I knew I wanted to include (after theorycrafting in my head beforehand). Cards/quantities in amber are the “Filler” cards I added to get to 60. Crossed through cards were cut to make room for magenta “Distribution” cards in order to reach my distributions quotas.

Evil (51)

Slow (12)
1x Angel of Death
3x Murderous Necromancer
2x Necromancer Lord
2x Raxxa, Demon Tyrant
3x Reaper
1x The Gudgeon

Fast (22)
2x Apocalypse
2x Bitten
2x Demon Breach

3x Drain Essence
3x Final Task
3x Medusa
2x Necrovirus
2x Plague
3x Raxxa’s Displeasure
2x Zombie Apocalypse

0-Cost (17)
3x Guilt Demon
2x Heinous Feast
2x Plentiful Dead
3x Raxxa’s Curse
3x Spawning Demon
3x Unquenchable Thirst
1x Wither

Good (3)

Slow (2)
2x Avenging Angel

Fast ()

0-Cost (1)
1x Second Wind

Sage (3)

Slow ()

Fast (2)
2x Ancient Chant

0-Cost (1)
1x Spike Trap

Wild (3)

Slow ()

Fast (2)
2x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (1)
1x Wolf’s Bite

Foundation Cards

These are the cards I knew (or at least was fairly certain) I wanted to include when building the deck/looking through cards.


These are cards that I want to include in basically all 33+ Evil decks.

Medusa and Drain Essence are the two insanely-powerful, essentially-unquestionable Auto-Includes.

Necromancer Lord, Final Task, and Surprise Attack aren’t quite at that level, but they are pretty close (particularly when combined with cards like Necromancer Lord, Murderous Necromancer, Angel of Death, Raxxa Demon Tyrant, Medusa, and Reaper.

Plague, Guilt Demon, Raxxa’s Curse, and Plentiful Dead largely fall into this category too.

I consider Ancient Chant an Auto-Include in heavy Evil decks to counter one of its primary weaknesses, a lack of powerful card draw. By including Reaper and Spawning Demon we can turn all Evil draw 2’s into powerful “draw 2 and” cards, but those aren’t enough by themselves.

(Not Quite Build Around) Synergy Cards

These are cards that give your deck much of its strength, but aren’t necessarily Build-Around cards by themselves.

I’ve played a lot of iterations of Demon decks in the past, and the card that just feels like it wins the most games is Raxxa’s Displeasure. Using this to full-clear your opponent while leaving you with demon tokens is incredibly strong, especially since this can be used in combat, after your opponent ambushes in blocker(s). However, its true power is when used in conjunction with demon cards like Raxxa, Reaper, Medusa, Guilt Demon, and Spawning Demon. (Reaper does have a bit of an anti-synergy though because your opponent’s champions turned into demons survive.) Due to the fact that this is also an Evil draw 2 makes this a 3-of in the deck.

Another benefit from going 51 Evil cards to support my Reapers and Spawning Demons is the ability to run 3 Unquenchable Thirsts. The more Evil cards you can get in your discard pile, the stronger this card becomes. That being said, running 3 might seem like (and might actually be) too many since you aren’t likely to get many big uses out of it. I’m trying 3 because of how it interacts with control and aggro in different ways.

Against control, the health gain isn’t too relevant and you can use it to break champions like Thought Plucker, Muse, Necromancer Lord, etc. without needing to banish many cards from your discard pile. This is important because control is the deck most likely to attempt to repeatedly attack your discard pile.

Against aggro, drawing and playing one of these can slow them down just enough to safely run them out of resources. In addition, if you can use this to remove a 1-cost champion, the tempo swing can be enormous.

Against midrange, this can remove mid-sized threats like White Dragon while letting your board clears and targeted removal deal with swarms and/or big individual threats.

Tech Cards

These are cards I included to make my deck stronger against specific matchups. If I end up not running into these matchups often, these cards can be replaced.

Health Gain

Health Gain is important for control because it allows you to stabilize after surviving your opponent’s early aggression. Without it, you can always lose to direct damage, like Flame Strike, even if your opponent runs out of champions in play and cards in hand. That being said, I’ve included extra, less-common health gain to supplement my existing 3 Drain Essence and 3 Unquechable Thirsts.

Avenging Angel is a non-standard inclusion in this deck. I want it specifically because it can repeatedly gain me health, it can’t be removed by a single 0-cost card, and Inner Peace requires multiple 1-cost Good cards to reliably  recall (making it weaker in this deck). I can also bring Avenging Angel back out with Necromancer Lord. In this deck, Avenging Angel should basically never be played while your opponent’s gold is up (if they have cards in hand). Gold Dragon was a very real consideration because the extra 2 defense allows it to dodge a Smash and Burn trigger, but I’ll see if my Guilt Demons and Heinous Feasts will be enough to mitigate that problem.

I also included Second Wind and Heinous Feast for a bit of extra health gain. Both can also draw cards/replace themselves. Against control, Heinous Feast will probably be used as a draw 2 more often. Against aggro, Heinous Feast will probably be used to gain a bit of health, hit a recall card, and starve my opponent’s ability to recycle at a critical time.

An alternative to the Avenging Angel package would be to include Lesson Learned to use with my Drain Essences. This would also be nice to use with Ancient Chant and/or Surprise Attack, but I want to try Avenging Angel instead, since I like leaning towards my midrange blitzing gold punishers.


Wolf’s Bite, Wither, and Spike Trap are all included over other cards as answers to Muse/Thought Plucker. They help support my Raxxa’s Curses, Unquenchable Thirsts, Plagues, and Raxxas. It’s possible I shift the deck more towards anti-Muse/Plucker if the meta dictates.

Filler Cards/Distribution Cards

These are less-critical cards added to address gaps. Specifically I wanted more Threats and more Card Draw


Raxxa is included as another way to get tokens that can attack my opponent. It is also nice for the 2 damage to all opposing champions to break Muse/Thought Pluckers. Playing this after a Zombie Apocalypse or Wave of Transformation is quite strong as well.

Demon Breach is another way to get threats into play. In addition, recalling it, especially against control, is stronger than you might expect.

Necrovirus was the final card considered in order to give me additional threats. It was cut for additional card draw tough.

Card Draw

Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalypse, Bitten, Heinous Feast, and Demon Breach were all included as card draw. Board clears are always nice, if needed, especially off-turn ones. Off-turn targeted removal is nice if I’m ahead on board and my opponent tries to slam an airborne blitz champion against me.

Other Considerations

I really want to fit a single Soul Hunter in the deck because it can carry the game against some decks. It is particularly potent with my 3 Reapers because, if I have Reaper in play, I can play Soul Hunter and use Reaper’s ally trigger to immediately break that Soul Hunter, deal 5 damage to my opponent, get my Soul Hunter in my discard pile, and put a demon in play for me. That being said, I do not want to remove any of my splash cards (non-Evil), and I do not want to remove any of my card draw cards (including recall cards like Plentiful Dead and Demon Breach and treating Surprise Attack as half a draw, I am at exactly 30).

This only leaves Angel of Death, Murderous Necromancer, Necromancer Lord, Raxxa, Reaper, Drain Essence, and Medusa. Of those, the only cards I would consider cutting (at this point) are Angel of Death, Necromancer Lord, and Raxxa. I like the singleton Angel for Final Task/Necro Lord shenanigans (off-turn full board clear is nice) and Raxxa is one of my few threats. Necro Lord is the only one of those I seriously considered cutting because I don’t have a ton of targets for it in my deck. However, 2 Necro Lords is much stronger than 1 because you can Necro Lord back your Necro Lord. It is also amazing with Surprise Attack because if it triggers twice it is hard to beat.


Due to the update coming out early and me heading out to play some paper Epic, I wasn’t able to add the card links in yet. However, I can say that the Reapers and Spawning Demons have helped to get me two in app wins so far.

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