Tyrants Wild Anti-Plucker

After getting tired of playing against all-in Plucker/Muse decks on the app, I decided to throw together an all-in anti-Plucker/Muse deck. It served its purpose quite effectively, but it could probably use some refining.

Evil (6)

Slow (1)
1x The Gudgeon

Fast (3)
3x Drain Essence

0-Cost (2)
2x Wither

Good ()

Slow ()

Fast ()

0-Cost ()

Sage (18)

Slow (4)
2x Djinn of the Sands
2x Sea Titan

Fast (8)
3x Ancient Chant
2x Erase
3x Lesson Learned

0-Cost (6)
3x Forcemage Apprentice
3x Spike Trap

Wild (36)

Slow (15)
3x Brachiosaurus
3x Draka, Dragon Tyrant
3x Fire Spirit
3x Kong
3x Raging T-Rex

Fast (9)
3x Draka’s Enforcer
3x Smash and Burn
3x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (12)
3x Feeding Frenzy
3x Flash Fire
3x Lightning Strike
3x Wolf’s Bite


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