3 thoughts on “Untargetable Breakthrough”

  1. I’ve just done a few turns with this deck vs Avenging Angel control. Very good so far. On a side note it looks like it’s very hard to find good top tier decks that don’t overlap in Sage/Good alignment

  2. Challenge accepted. I have also noticed that I generally don’t use much Evil, and I have been actively trying, recently, to come up with decks that rely on it more (maybe a Strafing Dragon recursion and board clear deck…). I did actually start designing this as an Evil/Wild deck, but that didn’t last. My Efficient Evil deck has been working very well for me, but it is weak to burn.

    Sage is definitely the deepest and most versatile faction. Almost any deck can cherry pick cards that will be effective for it, and it works well as a foundation faction too. I’m not shoehorning Muse into as many decks as I was originally expecting though.

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