White Wizard Games Fair 2017

White Wizard Games has given more information on their 2017 game fair here.

For those of you considering going, and if feasible I would recommend it because I personally had a great time last year, there are two entry passes you can buy: General Pass and Weekend Gamer Pass.

General Pass

The General Pass gets you access to the site including demos and the ability to play Star Realms against Top Ranked Star Realms players and Epic against Pro Magic players. It is $5 at the door or free if you pre-register.

Weekend Gamer Pass

The Weekend Gamer Pass gets you access to Epic Worlds 2017 Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQs), Epic on-demand tournaments (such as cube draft), daily Star Realms $1,000 tournaments, Hero Realms campaign events etc. (Players who have already qualified for Worlds 2017 will receive a complimentary Weekend Gamer Pass.)

I reached out to WWG to ask about how many LCQs there would be and this is the response I received, “We are still finalizing our plans, but it looks like we’ll have 6 to 8 Last Chance Qualifiers. (Subject to change, of course.)

Based on my past experience, these will probably be a mix of random 60 cut to dark draft top 8/top 4 and constructed qualifiers. They also might overlap making it impossible to compete in all approximately 6 to 8. If you win a qualifier, you qualify for the Worlds 2017 tournament and, as long as you show up, are guaranteed a minimum prize of $500 and a maximum prize of $25,000. (Top 8 is on Monday however.)

The price is $50 for this pass, but if you use promo code: WWGFEarlyBird! you can get $10 off. (I do not know how long this promo code will be active.)

For more information about the event, check out their Registration Page and their Worlds page. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences last year too.

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