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Got back from Worlds on Tuesday after finishing with a 4-3 record for 22nd place and $1,000. (2-0 Cube Draft, 0-2 Dark Draft, 2-1 Constructed)

I had a great time at the convention. While I did worse in Dark Draft than I was expecting, I did better in constructed. I also had plenty of people to talk and play Epic with constantly. Overall I had a great time, and I look forward to continuing to interact with the community and competing in Worlds next year.

Epic App

White Wizard Games has officially announced that they have an Epic Card Game app in Alpha testing as we speak. They plan on having a Kickstarter soon, but it probably won’t be up until early 2017.

While I didn’t get a chance to play it, I have heard great things from those who did. It sounds like it has a fairly intuitive interface. I can also say it looks quite pretty from the small amount I saw. Once it comes out, hopefully it will draw in many more players. I do plan on streaming once it is out as well.

Future Content

Starting next week, I plan on getting back into producing Epic content. Below are some of the topics I plan on discussing in no particular order:

  • My Epic Worlds Deck: Pyrosaur (I love this deck)
  • My thoughts on Cube Draft: Evil is strong
  • 0-cost cards in Dark Draft/Cube: Draft a lot
  • Kark
  • Uprising
  • Puzzle Contests (I have more playmats for prizes)
  • Collaborative content with other Worlds players


Garrett MacArthur


Below are 4 pictures of my practice Epic Cube drafts.

dscf2706 dscf2705 dscf2704 dscf2703

Forgot to get name, but will update as soon as I have it.


Gabriel Costa-Giomi


Abdul Majid


Bill Anderson


James Kandziolka


Anthony Lowry


Derek Arnold


I did not write down his name, but he had the most interesting deck I played against at Worlds. It was a Kark deck with tokens (Noble Martyr) and Justice Prevails. I plan on making my own version of that because it intrigued me.


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