Board Gaming Resources


There are a lot of board games out there. So, there are a lot games I will not have a ready opportunity to play let alone review, especially since I am currently neither in the industry nor making money on this blog. (I hope to change at least one of those in the future.)

Due to that, here are a few reviewers/websites that I have found helpful:

  • The Dice Tower: I am a fan of the Dice Tower. I have grown my collection significantly by watching their reviews. While I don’t agree with all of their reviews, the reviews are mostly done quite well.
  • Board Game Geek (BGG): This is the board game website. I don’t use it as much as I should, since I don’t like the layout.
  • Wil Wheaton’s TableTop: Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation and recurring guest appearances on the Big Bang Theory) plays board games with board game/geek associated celebrities. The production quality, rules overviews, and easy going atmosphere are done quite well.
  • Rahdo: Rahdo does long runthroughs of board games on his channel. Great if you are on the fence for a game after a board game review.
  • The Game Boy Geek: I believe he is a part of The Dice Tower, but he has his own channel, and I think he does a great job.
  • The Discriminating Gamer: Another reviewer I like. From what I’ve seen, I know he’s a history guy, and since I am a History Major I like him. In addition, he reviews a lot of war games.
  • Reddit/r/boardgames: Another tool I don’t use enough. Not necessarily family-friendly since it is Reddit, but I have less experience with it than I should.

For the list of retailers I have interacted with and recommend, click here.

Epic Card Game

Epic Box

  • Epic Card Game: The official site of Epic Card Game. I frequent this regularly.
  • Facebook Page: The official facebook page. I frequent this regularly.
  • Facebook Fan Page: The main facebook fan page. I frequent this regularly.
  • Epic Insights: Another Epic Blog. I read all articles on here. Explains a way to play online, since there currently is not an Epic Card Game app.
  • Reddit/r/epiccardgame: The Reddit page for Epic. I need to frequent this more.
  • BGG Page: The Board Game Geek page for Epic. I need to frequent this more as there is a sizable Epic community.