Duelyst Preview

Duelyst Main ScreenDuelyst is a digital free-to-play collectible-card-game with a grid. You are a general on that grid, and you summon minions, play spells, and equip artifacts to defeat your opponent; in addition, you can replace one card from your hand each turn. This is a fast-paced card game that looks good, is fun to play, doesn’t abuse F2P too hard, and I willingly bought a purely cosmetic item for it.

Duelsyt In Progress

Duelyst Deck Screen

Axis and Allies Europe 1940 Second Edition Preview

A&AEurope19402ndEditionBoxAxis and Allies is a strategy-driven, option-rich game. The Axis player(s) devise a strategy for conquest. The Allies must stop it. Both sides utilize 14 types of units, national objectives, and a bit of luck to defeat their opponent(s); anticipating and adapting is crucial. While the goals are fairly constant, each game can unfold in radically different ways.