Constructed Epic: Persistent Good

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This is the first of many Epic constructed decks to come. A friend and I created constructed decks today. We started simply by picking out all of the cards we potentially wanted to include in a deck. Then, we separated the cards by faction and whether or not they had Loyalty 2/Ally/faction requirements. Once we did that, we were able to choose which primary faction(s) we wanted, and we went from there.

We created a primarily Good deck (Persistent Good) featured in this article and an Evil/Wild deck.

Deck List

Persistent Good


Slow (1)
1x Drinker of Blood

Fast (3)
3x Bitten

0-Cost (2)
2x Wither


Slow (11)
2x Gold Dragon
3x High King
3x Palace Guard
3x The People’s Champion

Fast (21)
1x Angel of Light
3x Angel of Mercy
3x Ceasefire
3x Divine Judgement
3x Inheritance of the Meek
3x Noble Unicorn
1x Secret Legion
1x Standard Bearer
3x Vital Mission

0-Cost (13)
3x Brave Squire
1x Courageous Soul
3x Priest of Kalnor
3x Priestess of Angeline
3x White Dragon


Slow (1)
1x Frost Giant

Fast (5)
1x Deadly Raid
3x Erase
1x Lying in Wait

0-Cost (3)
3x Muse


We didn’t design this deck with any particular goal in mind. While playing, we almost constantly had a hand of 5+ cards. This was primarily due to the Noble Unicorns and Cease Fires. In most situations, this deck would get out a Noble Unicorn, Palace Guard, or The People’s Champion and build up from there. The Priestess of Angeline and the White Dragons were used to expand that position.

Since all of Noble Unicorn, Priestess of Angeline, and White Dragon replaced themselves, this deck was able to grind through its opponent’s removal. Whether the opponent used targeted removal or board wipes, this deck was able to quickly reestablish board presence. This deck would then generally win with the help of the singleton (only 1 of a card in a deck) Standard Bearer, Courageous Soul, Deadly Raid, and/or Frost Giant.

These were generally slow to set up victories. While setting up, the copious amounts of removal held the opponent at bay. In addition, the significant life gain from Priestess of Angeline, Gold Dragon, and Priest of Kalnor held back the other deck’s aggro (quick damage such as direct damage or blitz champions).

A couple things that worked particularly well in this deck. Noble Unicorn was a beast. Gold Dragon + Priest of Kalnor was very strong. The singleton Courageous Soul did serious work, especially with the White Dragons. Wither was brought specifically to deal with Muses, but it was excellent against the strong, small expend champions in Evil as well. Muse was generally excellent.

A couple things that didn’t come up much. Drinker of Blood and Angel of Light were never played. Lying in Wait, Secret Legion, and Divine Judgement were only used to draw. Erase wasn’t as useful against Raging T-Rex, Necromancer Lord, Strafing Dragon, Kong, etc., but it still had other targets.

This match up seemed to favor this Good deck. Mainly this was because of all of the banish this deck has. Necromancer Lord, Corpse Taker, etc. were hit hard. More experimentation will be needed to see how this deck fares against other factions and deck archetypes.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, decks will be designed in multiple other ways. We will try to exploit specific cards/combinations, build to specific archetypes, and, of course, build decks named “Who Needs Allies or Loyalty” etc. In addition, all those cards I have called out as being weak, you better believe I am going to try to break them (use them in such a way that they seem over-powered). I am looking at you Plentiful Dead.

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