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In this article I list the cards I expect to see the most play in the Epic Digital core-set alpha. Then, to explain those lists, I discuss a bunch of Epic concepts.

Cards I Expect to See or Play

Below I list the cards I expect to see significant play. Afterwards, I list the cards I expect myself to play the most.

Most Expected Cards

These are some of the most generically powerful and generically popular cards in the base set, by my observation. I expect to see these cards a lot, and if you are looking for extra cards to add to your deck, these are always worth consideration.

Drain Essence, Erase, Muse, Sea Titan, Thought Plucker, Flame Strike, Flash Fire, Kong

Other Expected Cards

I expect these cards will also see play across a lot of decks; however, they are more specialized and therefore won’t appear in as many as those above.

Evil (6): Army of the Apocalypse, Dark Knight, Final Task, Guilt Demon, Wither, Zombie Apocalypse
Good (3): Avenging Angel, Gold Dragon, Inheritance of the Meek
Sage (5): Amnesia, Ancient Chant, Frost Giant, Hasty Retreat, Wave of Transformation
Wild (5): Fireball, Lightning Storm, Rampaging Wurm, Surprise Attack, Triceratops

Alignment-Specific Expected Cards

These are cards that I expect will appear in most decks that focus on each specific alignment (and rightfully so). Most are incredibly strong Loyalty 2 champions.

Evil (4): Angel of Death, Necromancer Lord, Medusa, Murderous Necromancer*
Good (5): Palace Guard, White Knight*, Angel of Mercy, Noble Unicorn, Angel of Light*
Sage (5): Juggernaut, Steel Golem*, Psionic Assault, Ice Drake, Forcemage Apprentice
Wild (7): Raging T-Rex, Hurricane, Rain of Fire, Strafing Dragon, Cave Troll, Fire Shaman, Rage

(*I don’t expect to see a lot of these cards, but they are/can be strong)

My Most Common Cards

These are the cards I am most likely to include in any deck I make. (All of them appear in at least 3 of the 4 core decks I’ve made so far.)

Drain Essence, Guilt Demon, Amnesia, Ancient Chant, Forcemage Apprentice, Fireball, Rampaging Wurm

Other Cards I Really Like

This is a list of other core cards I like a lot. (Some are stronger/more playable than others.)

Evil (6): Dark Knight, Demon Breach, Medusa, Murderous Necromancer, Plentiful Dead, Wither
Good (7): Angel of Mercy, Avenging Angel, Banishment, Lord of the Arena, Noble Unicorn, White Dragon, White Knight
Sage (8): Blue Dragon, Crystal Golem, Djinn of the Sands, Juggernaut, Memory Spirit, Steel Golem, Warrior Golem, Winter Fairy
Wild (3): Cave Troll, Raging T-Rex, Triceratops

Notable Mechanisms/Archetypes

In this section I break down why certain cards/mechanisms/archetypes are inherently powerful. I also discuss the weaknesses of those cards/mechanisms/archetypes e as well. Many of the concepts are interconnected.

Return Champion(s) to Hand from Play (Bounce)

Control (Board Clears)

1 for 1 Targeted Removal


Discard Effects

Health Gain

Human Tokens

Discard Pile Removal

0-Cost Cards

Expend -> Remove Champions

Blitz Champions

Tribute -> Draw a Card Champions

Deadly Raid/All-In/Finishers/Cheese


Let me know if you agree with these lists of cards and/or explanations of Epic aspects in the comments below. Or, if I left out anything in my ramblings that you would like me to touch on, feel free to let me know, and I’ll probably have a long answer for you.

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