Dark Draft Saturday

Dark Draft Evolution

Now that I have had plenty of chance to draft against new opponents in the Epic Digital core only alpha, my dark draft strategy has shifted. The gist of the shift involves a much higher evaluation of 0-cost cards and health gain (health gain specific to core only). Dark Knight is also near the absolute top of my picks, and Amnesia has been passed up a few times in favor of other cards. (So far I’ve decked out for a win once and lost to my opponent decking out once.)

Dark Draft Saturday (4/8/17)

Instead of writing up a new article (yet), I’ve decided to stream 8 hours of drafting on Saturday. 8am-12pm CST (1pm-5pm UTC) and 4pm-8pm CST (9pm-1am UTC).

During these times I will be live at twitch.tv/tomsepicgaming. I will be accepting Dark Draft challenges from viewers. In addition, I encourage new players to challenge me and continue watching/listening as we play (stream snipe) as I explain my thought process behind my picks and plays. I’ll also answer questions mid/post game and provide any other constructive feedback that comes to mind. While I’ll be playing to win, my goal will be to help grow everyone’s understanding of the game, or at least share my understanding of the game.

4 thoughts on “Dark Draft Saturday”

  1. Hi Tom, I would love to take part in this. Just sent you an in-game Challenge? What is your Epic IGN? Thanks.

      1. Hey Tom,

        Again, thanks for the opportunity to lose to you in a couple of Dark Drafts on Saturday. 🙂 It was fun and my son and I learned a bunch!

        Would you consider writing an article, putting the core set cards in tiers for Dark Draft? My son and I have been dark drafting a bit lately and he likes categorizing the cards. I do as well. Gives us some guidelines and structure for the drafts. He likes when I say a card is an “auto-pick”, or a “hate draft if…”, stuff like that.

        Love to hear your thoughts on ranking the cards?

        Thanks for all the great Epic content!!

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