Epic: Constructed – Origins 2016 (Part 2)

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In this second part of my 2-part article on the constructed decks at Origins 2016, I discuss the 3 remaining top 8/top 4 decks from Friday and Sunday.

Combative Humans

Good is strong – Tom’S Epic Gaming

Tom Combative Humans Origins


2nd Place

I took this deck to the finals on Sunday.


Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Play Style

This deck is the constructed version of my Get Ahead, Stay Ahead play style.

4 Color Control

Derek Arnold

Derek 4 Color Control


1st Place

Derek won the first Epic Constructed tournament with this deck. His record in rounds was 2-0-3. The 2 wins were 1-0 and the final draw was intentional. This was the most interesting deck at Origins.


Win through Attrition (Drinker)

Play Style

Draw cards, play 2 for 1 reestablishing champions, heal, and use off-turn board clears for safety.

Time Walker

Gabe Costa-Gioni

Gabe Time Walker


Top 8

This deck was played in top 8 on Friday.

I neither played against nor watched this deck played, so I’m effectively guessing how it was meant to be played.


Kill with 0’s, Disrupt with 1’s

Play Style

Open with 0’s as offense. Follow up with 1’s as defense. Utilize cards like Time Walker or Temporal Enforcer to return your 0’s to hand to keep them safe while not dealing damage.


These three decks are radically different from the Burn decks that made up the rest of the constructed decks. Not only are they primarily Evil or primarily Good, but the play styles, particularly for 4 Color Control, are different as well.

Once again, if you feel I misrepresented your deck, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

I look forward to seeing what shows up at Gen Con next week. I will be there once again providing updates on my blog. In the mean time, I can usually be found in the Epic Card Game Discord Channel here. Feel free to drop in and ask me questions directly or respond in the comments below.

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