Fantasy Flight Games Intern

Finally got my internet set up today in my new apartment in Minnesota. I’m in Minnesota because I got accepted for the Fantasy Flight Games internship, and I just finished my first week. It is a 3 month internship which seems like it will provide great experience to get into the game industry.

With regard to the blog, I will not have as much time to write articles, but I do plan on getting at least 5 cards re-rated for Dark Draft a week, if not more. I’ve also ordered the Fantasy Flight LCGs that I have been wanting to play for awhile (Android Netrunner, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones), so there is a good chance I’ll be posting about those as well.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Flight Games Intern”

  1. That’s so cool! Thanks for all the great posts. Best of luck!

    Would definitely enjoy more FF lcg game content too. Been meaning to play netrunner myself.

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