First Encounter Bo7 Showmatch Vs World Champion


I, Tom’S Epic Gaming, have challenged the World Champion, John “Tatdaddy” Tatian, to an Epic best of 7 showmatch on the Epic Digital Alpha. This will be the first time we have ever played against each other. We will be live streaming the showmatch on our respective Twitch channels listed below.

Who will win, the Prolific Blogger or the Undefeated World Champion?


Saturday, May 20th starting at 2pm CDT (UTC -5)

Where to Watch

Tom’S Epic Gaming’s perspective will be live streamed at

World Champion John Tatian’s perspective will be live streamed at


This showmatch will consist of a best of 7 games with 7 different decks:

  • The first 2 games will be Dark Draft
  • The next 3 games will be Constructed
  • The final 2 games will be Dark Draft

Each game of Dark Draft will be preceded by a new Draft.

Each game of constructed may not feature the same primary alignment.

For example, if my first constructed deck has 33+ Evil, my second and third constructed decks may have, at most, 27 Evil each. If my second deck has 33+ Good, my third deck may have at most 27 Evil and 27 Good.


If I win, John Tatian has agreed to write a guest article here on Tom’S Epic Gaming.

If John wins, I have agreed to treat him to lunch at a restaurant of his choice at either Origins, Gen Con, or Worlds.


So far we have my raw stream footage uploaded to Youtube, John’s raw stream footage can be seen on his blog, and both streams can be watched simultaneously with commentary from cnoz + CJ Moynihan.

My Stream: Part 1, Part 2
John’s Stream
cnoz + CJ’s stream (audio starts at 47:00)

Edited videos are planned as well.

7 thoughts on “First Encounter Bo7 Showmatch Vs World Champion”

  1. This is cute. 🙂 I look forward to it! I’ll be able to catch the start from my timezone, at least. If it’s possible for the rest to go on Youtube, that would be neat!

    1. At minimum, the raw footage from both streams will be put on Youtube. If there is a video editor out there who would like to volunteer to clean up the streams and splice them into individually edited videos per game, I would be very interested to hear from you. Otherwise, I’ll see what I can do myself.

    1. Not yet, but as we get closer I’ll probably start to be. On the plus side, John Tatian has more pride to be lost as the World Champion whereas I am just the challenger. However, I want that article a lot more than John probably wants that lunch. As we saw at Worlds though, John thrives under the pressure whereas I succumbed to tilt after a pivotal misplay in round 3.

      What I really want are some great games, and it will be very interesting probing each others playstyles for the first time.

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