First Priest of Gold Dragon Video

My first video about the deck I almost ran at Worlds this year is now up. It is a midrange Good deck titled Priest of Gold Dragon.

This first video gives a general overview of the deck and describes its powerful synergies. In the next video about it, I plan on going over how to play this deck in various matchups (particularly Wild Aggro and Evil Control), how the deck has evolved since its creation (a couple weeks before Pantheon was announced), and I’ll answer any additional questions that get asked about it in the meantime.

I love this deck.

2 thoughts on “First Priest of Gold Dragon Video”

    1. It got to the point where the other members of Pluck U refined a Wild list so well that I couldn’t justify running this if I wanted to win. In testing, before the Saturday night before worlds, I had a little under a 50% winrate against the Wild deck, but that percentage declined with the addition of Silver Wing Guardian in the Wild deck. In order for me to win, I’d essentially need to either get an unanswered Gold Dragon out (it was very hard for the Wild deck to answer this) while they do not have a Kalani Woodreader in play, or survive while building up a decent enough board to win with an unbreakable Plague/Deadly Raid. In addition, a Silver Wing Guardian ambush with a Brave Squire in front of one of my attackers could generally close my window for finishing them off before I died.

      If I had more time for testing, I could have potentially modified the deck to perform better in that matchup, but most of my testing had me tuning it to beat the Evil control matchup (since Pluck U was spending a lot of time testing a deck similar to The Flock’s list piloted by John Tatian and James Moreland in top 8). Also, at the event I wanted to work on my shiny, new Krieg list.

      TL;DR I felt like I’d have a better chance winning overall with the Wild deck, since I had a poor matchup against the Pluck U version. However, if the matchup was slightly closer to 50% in the end, I probably would have ran this anyway.

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