Getting Ready for Worlds

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Worlds Last Chance Qualifiers start in two days (11/18), and the tournament starts Sunday 11/20. I will be arriving 11/17 night and staying in the Sheraton. While I do have a few people I hope to test with in that time, if you see me feel free to come up, say hi, ask me anything (I’ll answer most questions), and if I have time, potentially even play some games.


I am going to try to keep my camera with me at all times, and I want to get as many pictures as possible for this blog. At minimum, I’ll ask all of my opponents to take a picture with me, but I would love to take a picture with as many people at the event as I can. So, if I don’t remember to ask for your picture, remind me. But, if you do not want your picture taken, no worries.

Blog Updates

Unfortunately since I am flying instead of making the 20+ hour drive, I will not have my desktop with me and will not be able to update the blog each night. There will probably be Facebook updates though.

Good Luck

Good luck to everyone competing in the LCQs, and good luck to all of my opponents during the tournament. It will be crazy.TomSQualified

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