July 4 Dark Draft VoDs

Today I played my first game of the Epic Team Masters. As a member of team The Flash Fire, I went up against Brave Squires team member Noverb. Going into this game team The Flash Fire was down 0-1. Afterwards, I played 6 more dark drafts.

Full Playlist

DD v Noverb: Epic Team Masters

DD v Noverb: July 4, 2017

DD v Gutpocket: July 4, 2017

DD v www: July 4, 2017

DD v RetroKC: July 4, 2017

DD v RetroKC #2: July 4, 2017

DD v GeneralGyp: July 4, 2017

One thought on “July 4 Dark Draft VoDs”

  1. A bit sad the games against Noverb were so anticlimatic. Especially in the first game he could have still made the all in play with Mighty Blow + Lash, which would have forced out the Drain Essence from you without killing the Memory Spirit.

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