Loyalty X Winner: Greylag

Greylag, 1st Place: 15 VP

Congratulations to Greylag for winning the Loyalty X Puzzle with a perfect 15 VP! Greylag has won the Epic Deck Box and chose the WWG Games Fair Play Mat.

Greylag’s Week 1 Anwers


Greylag’s Week 2 Answers


Nathan Overbay, 2nd Place: 11 RP

Congratulations to Nathan Overbay for his 2nd place finish. He has chosen one of the Raging T-Rex Promos.

Nathan Overbay’s Week 1 Answers


Thomas Dixon, 3rd Place: 8 RP

Congratulations to Thomas Dixon for his 3rd place finish. He has chosen one of the Blue Dragon Promos.

Thomas Dixon’s Week 1 Answers


Benjamin Hebert, 4th Place: 2 RP

Congratulations to Benjamin Hebert for his 4th place finish. He has chosen one of the Blue Dragon Promos.

Benjamin Hebert’s Week 1 Answers



Thank you to all participants and all readers who followed along during the puzzle contest. I have plans for another puzzle contest for some time in the future. So, if you didn’t get the chance to enter this one, be sure to watch out for the next one. (I’m interested to see how the formatting changes will be received.)

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  1. Thanks so much Tom! Can’t wait to play on it. As always, I’m looking forward to the next one, and also enjoying the rest of your posts too 🙂

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