Origins 6/16/16 Photos

First day of Origins was pretty great. Met multiple people who read this blog, introduced some new people to it, and played a lot of Epic. A lot of great people at the event, and I took pictures with a few.

For the tournament, I made it to top 8 with the below list of cards. I am not posting what I chose yet because I want to let people see what they would have picked in the same situation. (Mulligan to 56 is an acceptable answer too.) My record was 3-1-1 (the draw was an ID, Intentional Draw to assure top 8 and give us some time to get some food).


John Tatian (Pictured Below)


Tim Stanoch (Pictured Below)


Max Jacob (Pictured below) The rivalry begins.


Corey Henderson (Pictured Below)


Rich Shay (Pictured Below)


The 2 finalists for the 6/16/16 tournament. Will update tomorrow with the winner. (I was knocked out in the top 4.)


Tomorrow is the first constructed qualifier. It will be very interesting to see what decks are run. I didn’t get a hold of the other limited pools and decks (and I forgot to record the dark draft decks), but I’ll see what I can do about getting the constructed decks on here. At the very least, I can give a run down of the decks I come up against.

For everyone at the Epic event today, thanks for the games. I look forward to playing against at least some of you in the next few days.

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