Gen Con Short Recap

Got to play so much Epic after I qualified that I forgot to take pictures (thanks again Adam and fellow WWG volunteers/staff for keeping my camera safe for me). This event has added even more articles I want to write onto my Epic backlog already, and I do plan on redoing my rankings soon. Not only do I want to update some cards (Djinn of the Sands, Second Wind, Dark Assassin, Lightning Strike, etc.), but I also plan on revamping how I evaluate cards all together.

Congratulations to all of the players who qualified, and good luck to all that didn’t and will be at future qualifiers. Once again, interacting with the Epic community has been excellent, and it feels great when readers of the blog come up to chat. As you all know, I can and do go on for quite awhile when it comes to Epic.

To any new readers, welcome. I’m going to be updating the Epic page to make it more accessible for newer players. In general, my best article on Epic is probably Epic: Limited – Get Ahead, Stay Ahead.

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