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Origins 2016 is over, and I have a lot more to say about Epic now. I participated in all 4 tournaments:

Thursday (sealed) top 4
Friday (constructed: Sage Untargetable Tempo) 10th place
Saturday (sealed) top 4
Sunday (constructed: Combative Humans) 2nd place

The 9 unique constructed deck lists from the top 8 and top 4 on Friday/Sunday can also be found at Epic Foundry. Combative Humans was the only new deck in the Sunday top 4, hence 9 unique decks instead of 12. Lessons Leaned is Derek Arnold’s modified list for his deck.

Recording Play Mat

My overall record for sealed (not including the Intentional Draw) was 6-1-2. I am significantly more confident in my sealed ability than my constructed ability. Due to this, I am going to be going over my sealed experiences first.

Epic Sealed Articles

I am going to be writing at least 3 articles on sealed, and these are, most likely, going to be written in this order:

  1. Saturday Sealed Pool (deck explanation and analysis of play, top 4)

Origins Saturday Pool

2. Overall Sealed Analysis (my deck building and sealed play general thoughts)

3. Thursday Sealed Pool (deck explanation and analysis of play, I took this list in an unexpected direction, top 4)

Origins Thursday Pool

Epic Constructed Articles

I have significantly less experience playing in constructed tournaments, so I am less confident in my constructed abilities as a whole. My overall record was 5-2-1 I think (only 3 or 4 games on Sunday). I am going to start by going over my decks. Then I will discuss my thoughts on the meta in general. I will also thoroughly analyze Derek Arnold’s Lessons Learned deck that won the Friday event.

The order of these might change.

  1. Combative Humans (My Sunday Constructed deck 2nd place)

Combative Humans Origins

2. Untargetable Sage Tempo (Friday Constructed deck 10th place)

Untargetable Tempo Origins

3. Overall Thoughts on the Meta

4. Derek Arnold’s incredible 4-color Lessons Learned deck (Derek Arnold qualified with this deck on Friday. I watched his last two matches, and it was fascinating. This deck completely subverted a few of my ideas about how to play Epic. I am really looking forward to analyzing this deck. Derek Arnold also has his own blog, Epic Insights. I am very much looking forward to reading what he has to say about this deck.)

Derek Arnold Lesson Learned Origins

(Derek Arnold’s Lessons Learned rework pictured below.)

Derek Arnold Lesson Learned Post Origins

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