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Epic Box

The first Epic Puzzle (Epic Puzzle: Turn 1 Drinker) was a success, congratulations to Greylag (2 winning submissions), Ydnad (1 winning solution), and everyone else who entered (Vjjft and Josiah Fiscus). All of the answers submitted were significantly higher than I was expecting.

Due to the success and reception of the puzzle, I will be posting a 2nd puzzle on Monday 7/18 at 7pm CDT (starting time open to adjustment). There will be a few changes to the format that I will discuss at that time. (For example, sending me the solution privately when the numbers are posted so I can verify.)

The overall winner of that puzzle will receive the Sea Hydra play mat pictured below. Feel free to comment below with a time change request and/or questions. I will try to accommodate the most people possible for the start time.

Sea Hydra Play Mat

7 thoughts on “Epic Puzzle Announcement”

  1. Whooo! I’m a winner! 😛 No srsly congrats everyone who entered, we hit some amazing numbers, and it’s also so neat that the winning answers converged on almost identical solutions. And thank you to Tom, I had a lot of fun on this! Can’t wait to see the next puzzle – I’ll have a blast even if Ydnad steals my thunder again. 😉

  2. **Update**

    Derek’s response was caught by my spam filter, and I didn’t catch it until today. While it was submitted after the deadline (not including spam delay), he did submit the best answers by utilizing New Dawn.

  3. That’s the middle of the night for me, so I’ll just have to hope that, whatever my best result is, nobody hits it before me. But as long as it’s not a puzzle with a single ‘right’ answer (“what single card can win the game in this impossible position?!”) I’m sure it’ll be fine, last time we all inspired each other to greater heights with each new set of posted numbers.

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