About Me


Who I Am

My name is Tom Sorenson. I am a History, English double major with a computer science minor who gave up a position programming with a major financial software company to follow my passion, games. Currently I am working on designing board games that I can then submit to small game companies to get my foot in the door of the industry. (I am also working part-time at a local Planet Fitness.)

I am creating this blog to serve a few purposes. The obvious selfish one is to create a body of work that I can present to companies to display what I am capable of producing. For everyone else, I want to create a place for people to break into and advance in the hobby of board games. I will primarily be reviewing games in a manner that assumes no familiarity with the subject. While this blog is partly for myself, I honestly want more people to get into the hobby because I believe it is so amazing. In addition to my reviews, I will be including links to good places to buy games, other reviewers/board game websites, conventions, and anything else I believe new gamers might want to access.

My other primary goal of this website is to discuss the Epic Card Game by White Wizard Games. This is by far my favorite game currently, I want more people to play it, I want to discuss strategy, I want to cover competitive play, and I want to compete in it personally. I am unquestionably biased in this regard because I did help to fund the game through Kickstarter.com, I went to their HQ to design a card for a future expansion as a reward, and I like the employees there. I am, however, not receiving any money from them and will be honest about how I feel about their products. For instance, I am not nearly as big a fan of their other game Star Realms as the rest of the gaming community seems to be, but I don’t dislike it.

List of #1 Favorite Games Over the Years

For fellow gamers here is a list of my favorite games over the years to give you an idea of what I generally enjoy *see picture above as well*. The list starts with my current favorite and goes back to Monopoly. It includes board games, computer games, and one sport.

Epic Card game
Race for the Galaxy
Smash Up
Civilization 5
Axis and Allies (1940 European and Pacific Combined 2nd Edition)
Magic: The Gathering
Guild Wars
Risk 2210

My High Level Board Game Design Ideas

Jury-Rigging Mech Arena Game
Multi-deck Mill-centric Non-Collectible TCG
Bowling Deck Building Game