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Epic is my favorite game. I’ve written a lot on it already, and I’ll be writing a lot more too. I plan on streaming Epic Digital on Twitch once the Alpha starts by March 15, 2017, and I recently started a Twitter account for the blog as well. (TomSEpicGaming for both.)

For Those Considering Buying Epic

Welcome! I can honestly say Epic is my favorite game, so much so that I have written a lot on it since it came out at the end of 2015. Due to all the time I’ve invested into the game, I’m obviously a bit biased, but if you are considering jumping in, here is my review I wrote on January 19th, 2016. For an explanation of how to play, check out part 1 of my multi-part Epic Progression series (in progress).

If still undecided I wrote an article going over some of the critical aspects of Epic.

If you have some experience with card games already, competitive MTG player and guest blogger Tom Dixon outlines some of his favorite parts here.

For Brand New Epic Players

I am in the process of writing a multi-part Epic Progressions series designed to gradually introduce new players to the game and its more advanced concepts:

  1. Epic Progressions: How To play
  2. Epic Progressions (2): Basic Strategy Advice

Until this series is complete, two other helpful articles are listed below as well.

Everything Else

Everything beyond this point either assumes a certain level of Epic understanding or is obscure/highly-specific. All links in Archive sections are out-dated; however, they do provide insight into my early views of Epic for those interested.

In addition, the most recent Epic articles can be found here.

Streams and Videos

I occasionally stream on Twitch, and I upload my raw footage to youtube. Edited videos are also planned.

Edited Videos

Unedited Footage

Limited Formats

Limited formats (Dark Draft, Random 60, Cube Draft, Open Draft) have historically been my best formats in card games. In these formats, you build your deck at the start of the event instead of using an already built deck.

Constructed Format

Constructed Epic involves creating a deck ahead of time following deck building restrictions. I love me my janky cards.

Interesting/Inspiration Articles

These articles don’t really fit anywhere else. They can be fairly obscure, get into highly unlikely scenarios, and generally be awesome.

Guest Articles

Epic Puzzles

Every once in a while I host puzzles with prize support (play mats, deck boxes, and promos). They let our Epic players flex their creative muscles and do truly crazy, unexpectedly awesome things. Currently Greylag is the person to beat, but we’ll see how long the rest of the community will let that last.

Links to Outside Epic Content

Below are some of the links I have collected to other Epic Content.

My Previous Card Game Background

My Epic Background

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