5 Core-Only, Alpha Deck Poll (+ Data)

I had some extra time on my hands… I’m up to 10 core-only alpha decks now.

The new decks include (in the order I made them):

  • Tom’S Core Discard deck
  • Core Sky Force
  • Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn list
  • Core Token Control
  • Core Feint

Previous 5 decks (in the order I made them):

I am probably not going to write articles for all of these new decks (at least not immediately). So, I decided to let everyone vote on which deck they want to see. I will write an article on whichever deck receives the most votes by the time the Kickstarter backers get access to the alpha. Below I outline the genesis idea of each deck.

Votes can be cast at Straw Poll here. Trying to convince people to vote for a specific deck in the comments below is encouraged.

Tom’S Core Discard deck

Core Sky Force

Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn list

Core Token Control

Core Feint

Card Choice Data

I started out curious which cards I didn’t use (which partially informed the decks I made next). Then, I wanted to see which cards I used the most. I figured I might as well just compile everything out of curiosity.

Below are all of the cards I used across all 10 core-only decks for the alpha. They are formatted as Card Name: Copies Included (Decks with at least 1 copy). For example, Erase: 8 (3). I included 8 copies of Erase across 3 decks.

4 thoughts on “5 Core-Only, Alpha Deck Poll (+ Data)”

  1. I voted for Token Control, Burn is of least interest to me as there really isn’t much to it. Feint seems like a decent second choice but only if there are enough Blitz guys to make it viable.

    Interesting (maybe) idea. Build a deck based on the cards you use least and see if you can come up with something half decent.

    1. That is actually one of my favorite ways to build decks. If a card seems bad, I want to win with it, with a few exceptions. That’s largely how I came up with this list: http://www.tomsepicgaming.com/constructed-epic-4-color-army/ Which is probably the single most important deck I’ve made for my understanding of my constructed play style.

      (I am also pretty surprised by some of the cards I haven’t used yet, like Divine Judgement, Frost Giant, and Lurking Giant.)

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