Core Wild Champion Overload (Anti-Sea Titan/Control Shifted)


This article follows the progression of my core-set-only Core Sage Wild Champion Overload deck. I start by explaining how I created the experimental, untested deck (in preparation for the core only alpha for Epic Card Game Digital). Then, I plan on updating this article with an analysis of how the deck performs, in addition to explaining any changes I make to it (assuming it performs well enough to update).

Other decks in this Epic Card Game Digital series include: Core Incremental Targeted Removal, Core Evil Tokens, Core Sage Army, and Core Epic Humans. They are all built following my Epic Constructed Process.

(Extra 5 decks: Core Token Control, Core Sky Force, Core Feint, Tom’S Core Discard Deck, and Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn List)

Current Deck List

As I update the deck list, I’ll update this picture and written list (currently prototype deck list).

Evil (9)

Slow ()

Fast (6)
3x Drain Essence
3x Zombie Apocalypse

0-Cost (3)
3x Guilt Demon

Good ()

Slow ()

Fast ()

0-Cost ()

Sage (6)

Slow (1)
1x Djinn of the Sands

Fast (3)
3x Memory Spirit

0-Cost (2)
2x Amnesia

Wild (45)

Slow (18)
3x Jungle Queen
3x Kong
3x Raging T-Rex
3x Rampaging Wurm
3x Sea Hydra
3x Triceratops

Fast (12)
3x Flame Strike
3x Hunting Raptors
3x Strafing Dragon
3x Surprise Attack

0-Cost (15)
3x Cave Troll
3x Fireball
3x Flash Fire
3x Rage
3x Wurm Hatchling

Prototype Explanation


Pending testing and modifications. I had significantly less to say about this deck, so if you are curious about any of the decisions I did not talk about, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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