Core Token Control


In a recent article, I created a poll to determine which of my core only decks for the digital alpha I would discuss next, this deck won that poll.

This article follows the progression of my core-set-only Core Token Control deck. I start by explaining how I created the experimental, untested deck (in preparation for the core only alpha for Epic Card Game Digital). Then, I plan on updating this article with an analysis of how the deck performs, in addition to explaining any changes I make to it (assuming it performs well enough to update).

Other decks in this Epic Card Game Digital series include: Core Incremental Targeted Removal, Core Evil Tokens, Core Sage Army, Core Wild Champion Overload, and Core Epic Humans. They are all built following my Epic Constructed Process.

(Core Sky Force, Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn List, Tom’S Core Discard Deck, and Core Feint do not yet have an article devoted to them.)

Next Deck Article

In anticipation of the Alpha hopefully coming out today, I have gone ahead and posted the decklists and taken pictures of the other 4 core-only decks I have made. Whichever deck generates the most discussion (based on comments below) will be the one I write an article for next.

Current Deck List

As I update the deck list, I’ll update this picture and written list (currently prototype deck list).

Evil (6)

Slow (6)
2x Drinker of Blood
2x Inner Demon

Fast ()

0-Cost (2)
2x Guilt Demon

Good (33)

Slow (12)
3x Avenging Angel
3x Banishment
3x High King
3x The People’s Champion

Fast (10)
3x Inheritance of the Meek
2x Inner Peace
3x Noble Unicorn
2x Secret Legion

0-Cost (11)
3x Courageous Soul
3x Priestess of Angeline
2x Watchful Gargoyle
3x White Dragon

Sage (12)

Slow ()

Fast (8)
2x Ancient Chant
3x Thought Plucker
3x Wave of Transformation

0-Cost (4)
1x Amnesia
3x Forcemage Apprentice

Wild (9)

Slow (3)
3x Pack Alpha

Fast (3)
3x Wolf’s Call

0-Cost (3)
2x Fireball
1x Flash Fire

Prototype Explanation


As with the rest of the decks, I’ll be interested to see where this one goes.

2 thoughts on “Core Token Control”

    1. Dark Leader makes all of your human champions Evil (in addition to their starting alignment) as soon as they enter play.

      Once a champion enters play, their loyalty 2/X trigger gets added to a heap. When you go to resolve the loyalty trigger, you reveal cards matching the alignment(s) of the champion with the loyalty trigger. At this point, that champion is both its starting alignment and Evil, so you can reveal cards of either/both of those factions to satisfy loyalty.

      This does not work for ally triggers though, since ally triggers are triggered by playing a 1-cost card of that alignment from your hand. In other words, the trigger triggers before the champion can gain Evil granted by Dark Leader.

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