Core Sage Army


This article follows the progression of my core-set-only Core Sage Army deck. I start by explaining how I created the experimental, untested deck (in preparation for the core only alpha for Epic Card Game Digital). Then, I plan on updating this article with an analysis of how the deck performs, in addition to explaining any changes I make to it (assuming it performs well enough to update).

Other decks in this Epic Card Game Digital series include: Core Incremental Targeted Removal, Core Evil Tokens, Core Wild Champion Overload, and Core Epic Humans. They are all built following my Epic Constructed Process.

(Extra 5 decks: Core Token Control, Core Sky Force, Core Feint, Tom’S Core Discard Deck, and Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn List)

Current Deck List

As I update the deck list, I’ll update this picture and written list (currently Board Clear Adjustment deck list).

Evil (27)

Slow (3)
3x Army of the Apocalypse

Fast (15)
3x Apocalypse
3x Drain Essence
3x Plague
3x Vampire Lord
3x Zombie Apocalypse

0-Cost (9)
3x Dark Knight
3x Guilt Demon
3x Wither

Good ()

Slow ()

Fast ()

0-Cost ()

Sage (33)

Slow (14)
3x Djinn of the Sands
3x Juggernaut
3x Sea Titan
2x Steel Golem
3x Time Walker

Fast (8)
2x Ancient Chant
3x Crystal Golem
3x Erase

0-Cost (11)
3x Amnesia
3x Forcemage Apprentice
2x Hasty Retreat
3x Warrior Golem

Wild ()

Slow ()

Fast ()

0-Cost ()

Prototype Explanation

Board Clear Adjustment


One adjustment already made and waiting on playtesting in the Alpha for further adjustments.

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