Constructed Epic Deck Round Up


I have included links and pictures for all of my Constructed Epic decks below. Each post contains not only the deck list, but it also contains my revision history and explanations for the deck as well. I will update this post when I make changes to existing decks and/or add new ones.

As of 8/27/16, I am significantly more practiced at constructed now. Any deck without an update after this date is most likely at a lesser caliber than decks posted/updated on or after this date. I updated the decklists to be sorted by date last updated.

Core Set Only Deck for Digital Alpha

My Worlds 2016 Deck

My World’s Pyrosaur Deck (Posted: 12/1/16)


Pre-Worlds 2016 Decks

Uprising Demons (Posted: 12/7/16, created before Worlds)

Brute Force (Posted: 12/7/16, largely created before Uprising)

4 Color Army (Posted: 8/27/16)

4 Color Army

Pre-Origins 2016 Decks

2 thoughts on “Constructed Epic Deck Round Up”

  1. I really appreciate your lists! Good luck qualifying! I’m trying to build some constructed decks to to show people how much better instructed is then randomly playing out of the box. Still need to put together a draft.

  2. Thank you, one format your friends might like is preconstructed. Basically each player takes 30 cards of each faction and plays with those. It’s fairly well balanced (although Wild has a hard time dealing with Thundarus), but the power level is higher since ally and loyalty triggers will be happening constantly.

    I also designed the Tall vs Wide decks to play well against each other in theory. However, I do understand that building your own decks is one of the best parts of TCG-like games like Epic. Thank you for reading, and let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about.

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