Core Sky Force


I am updating this article as I may use it in my upcoming Bo7 Showmatch against World Champion John Tatain on Saturday, 5/20/17 at 2:00pm CDT (UTC -5).

Other decks in this core only digital alpha series include: Core Incremental Targeted Removal, Core Evil Tokens, Core Sage Army, Core Wild Champion Overload, Core Epic Humans, Core Resurrection Evil, and Core Rampaging Evil. They are all built following my Epic Constructed Process.

(Tom’S Core Aggressive Burn List, Tom’S Core Discard Deck, Core Feint, Core Coming Through!, and Core Big Butt Burn do not yet have articles devoted to them.)

Current Deck List

As I update the deck list, I’ll update this picture and written list (currently prototype deck list).

Evil (9)

Slow ()

Fast (6)
3x Apocalypse
3x Plague

0-Cost (3)
3x Guilt Demon

Good (18)

Slow (6)
3x Avenging Angel
3x Gold Dragon

Fast (6)
3x Angel of Light
3x Ceasefire

0-Cost (6)
3x Brave Squire
3x Watchful Gargoyle

Sage (33)

Slow (9)
3x Blue Dragon
3x Djinn of the Sands
3x Winter Fairy

Fast (13)
3x Erase
3x Ice Drake
3x Memory Spirit
3x Transform
1x Time Bender

0-Cost (11)
3x Forcemage Apprentice
3x Hasty Retreat
3x Muse
2x Spike Trap

Wild ()

Slow ()

Fast ()

0-Cost ()

Prototype Explanation


This is one of my favorite decks, and I stumbled across it just by experimenting with cards I had yet to use in Core-Only. I love experimenting with cards I don’t often use for this very reason.

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